Heba Sharobeem

Heba M. Sharobeem is a professor of modern British and American Literature and the former chair of the English Department at the Faculty of Education/ Alexandria University, Egypt. Her research interests fall broadly within the fields of feminist, post-colonial and cross -cultural studies as well as comparative literature, and has given presentations in all these fields in different conferences in Egypt and abroad, including America, Russia, England, Scotland and India. She is also a teacher trainer with a keen interest in civic education. She has published research papers and articles in refereed journals and national and international conferences and contributed with a chapter and various pieces of writing and translations in two books, Women Writing Africa and Joke and Performance in Africa. She is a reviewer of different national and international journals and one of the reviewers in “the Promotion Committee for Associate Professors and Professors” in Egypt. She is a member of the Editorial Board team in an International Journal.  She is currently also a senator, member of the Egyptian Senate.

Heba Sharobeem interviews acclaimed Egyptian novelist Sahar El Mougy.