Claude Le Fustec

Claude Le Fustec is Senior Lecturer in (Afro-)American Literature at Rennes 2
University (France). Since her PhD thesis on Toni Cade Bambara’s and Toni
Morrison’s fiction, she has published a monography on Toni Cade Bambara as part
of the series “Voix Américaines” (Toni Cade Bambara : entre militantisme et fiction,
Paris, Belin, 2003) as well as several contributions bearing on both American and African American fiction. In 2015, she published Northrop Frye and American Fiction
(University of Toronto Press), a study of the relationship of six canonical American
novels to transcendence (including Morrison’s Beloved), using Frye’s theory of the
relationship between the Bible and Western literature in Words with Power (1990).

As co-founder of an international and transdisciplinary network trying to
construct an academic theory of the spiritual (“Theorias”, https://intranet.univ-, she has edited proceedings from two conferences bearing on
transdisciplinary approaches to the spiritual in the arts and sciences and is now
working on the proceedings from the 2017 international conference held at Rennes2
University, which raised the issue of the relevance of the spiritual to the Humanities
and Social Sciences.

Her professional page can be found at:

Claude Le Fustec highlights how Toni Morrison’s Sula contributes to the endless process of self-discovery.